Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My last Mid Term - MIS

finally finally finally........
yahoo~ finish my mid term exam 
but, final exam is around the corner
arg~ who can help me ??
i don't care it first....
i took a nap around 2 hours
i watched my Hongkong drama
today, is my off day.....
start my engine tomorrow~
My New Pet........ Naughty Hamster^^
her name...... BoBo....
hungry every seconds.... feed her if u saw her^^

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Program Pencegahan Demam Denggi

Activities DPP in this sem....
my first activity i have join in this sem
emm..... not bad....
as a bureau logistic, it is quite challeging
learn something new for today
a talk about how to prevent demam denggi
we have to protect our health, everytime and everywhere

                                                        my Formal look ^^ bureau logistic...

Friday, April 8, 2011

PONGGAL festival 2011

this weekend, woke up at 7am...
any activities ??
yes !! today is PONGGAL festival 
location : padang palapes
time : 8am -11am
i was wait at bus stop around 40 mins,
but, no any bus stop at our bus stop..
nothing can do !! we WALK !!
woo~ amazing .. when i saw the view..
there are so crowded 
many people are supporting this event
without waste the time, i found a small place for me 
and prepare to cook ~
ingredients : milk, rice, sugar and raisin
follow the instruction, start the fire with woods
woo~ i am so HOT !!
full of smoke...
i can't breath in this moment
even my tears was come out...
  finally, my friends give me a hand !!
thanks to them.....
first time, learn about INDIA cultural
not bad....everyday learn something new

Thursday, April 7, 2011

my DANNOK trip again^^

woohoo~ sunny Friday^^ 
today, what i did ??
eat eat eat again~ 
this time is dannok steamboat buffet 
eating non-stop
"blow water" non-stop
wakaka~ i had enjoy my weekend with my coursemate
spent my 50 bucks
include my transportation,dinner and snack foods
is it WORTH ??
but, for next 2 weeks, i have to eat bread to diet
because i think, i have spent my pocket money over AND OVER
sorry to my ptptn ('_') ''''
come, let's view what i did in  DANNOK ...


before walk into kastam, let's take a photo ^^

 woo~ our slim stomach before start to eat !!!

in the middle of dinner, have a break.....

omg~ see !!! how dirty the pot ??? yii.......

SAY cheese ................

SHOPPING AGAIN in 7-11... enjoy !!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Touched by A friend's Presentation

Today, my classmate was present her speech~ 

" are U preparing to die ???"

First time saw my friend drop her tears

shocked and touched on her

we could learn more thing from sharing

a simple words.." I LOVE U, MUM "

but, we not dare to say it out

before end of world, we shouldn't regret anything in our life...

she conclude her speech with...

" Do all the good YOU  can,
 By all the mean YOU can,
 in all the ways YOU can,
 in all the time YOU can,
 to all the people YOU can,
 as long as ever YOU can..."

Friday, April 1, 2011

April FOOL @_@

1st April, Funny day ^^

BUT, don't be a fool in this April...

i am enjoying my weekend holiday in butterworth

my best buddy, so happy and crazy ^@^

  waa........ how can i finish this big set ??

   woo~ ice ice baby ......... nice and sweet in autocity !

sing karaoke 3 hours non- stop !! amazing~

Daisypath Vacation tickers

Daisypath Vacation tickers

Assignment.................when i can finish U ???

assignment assignment...

i wan throw "you" away...

i wan relax....

i wan play games..

i wan do what i like....

BUT, after i waste my time on the games, i am regret...

better DO IT NOW and FINISH IT in midnight ^^

gambateh ^^